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SCross_Album1_cover_thumnail.jpg (44004 bytes)At last! After two and a half years waiting for Don to bang the books and talk to his friends about Pro Tools and Odie to figure out the mandolin and dobro, we have finally released our first CD! CLICK HERE to listen to and purchase your favorite tunes from this project. And don't forget to check out the credits to see the amazing musicians  from all over the world who laid incredible tracs for us.


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wiglogo2.jpg (5888 bytes)Visit the ground-breaking MP3 website @ www.praisesong.net for free praise music. One of the first Christian MP3 sites featuring praise songs and praise hymns, over the last decade Wigtune Company has been blessed with millions of downloads while in the service of the multitude of ministries searching the WEB for praise music.

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